Divine Apple

Divine Apple“
„Reincarnation???“ or „How to take a bite out of the divine apple of our existence“
28. Mär 2015
This is a question I am often asked „Is reincarnation true? Do we really incarnate again and again in a physical body to experience life? And they are looking at me, waiting for a confirming „Yes“, but my usual answer is: „we do incarnate in different physical and nonphysical bodies to learn and experience life and yet …. there is no reincarnation.“ The typical reaction is a very confused look while their mind is wrapping around the paradox. And then I usually say:“ Well, let me explain that a bit further.„

Most people agree, that we have a consciousness and that we have a physical body and some would agree that there is more,…a soul. From what I have experienced to be true, there is much more, but our mind has a hard time to wrap around it.

So let me take you on a journey of explaining the unexplainable. Let us imagine our true form looks like … an apple. Not a normal apple, but an divine apple made out of light. Let us imagine a hologram of an apple, a three-de hologram of an apple in golden light. Turn it in your mind to see it from all sides. In the centre where you normally would find the apple seeds, there is only one seed, one very bright shining seed. This is your divine spark, your True Self, the place you are still residing in the presence of God or simply said … your soul.

Now let us take a divine knife and cut out a thin slice of your divine apple. Look at the slice. In the centre there is the part that is connected to the seed, then you have the flesh of the fruit and the thin apple skin. What you are holding in your hand is your present incarnation, your present life. Trace with your fingers starting from the center where the seed is up …along the surface of the skin ….and back to the center where the seed is.

With your finger you have just traveled a circle. This is your present life circle, starting from the divine spark of your soul, traveling along the apple skin which represents your path in life on Mother Earth and back again to the divine seed.
You have traced your life from birth to death, from the divine seed back to the divine seed.

And all this delicious fruit flesh in between consists of your experiences in this life.

Now look at the rest of your apple. Can you see that it consists of many of those slices? Many incarnations, many different life circles. So many lives in different bodies or manifestations of the same seed. Some might be human, some not, some might be nonphysical. Some of those life circles might be on this planet Earth, some might be somewhere else. Try to grasp that,…the diversity.

All those apple slices come together in the middle of the apple, they are connected and held together by the divine seed that is you soul. The seed is the connection between those rings of life.
In the center of the imagined „apple“ that you are, all those rings are so close together that they touch each other.

Now take this apple in your hand and rotate it. Well you could say that one slice follows another. There is an apple slice that lays before your present incarnation and there is one that comes after it. So some people argue that one incarnation follows the other. and if you look at the apple slices like that it is true the different incarnations follow each other.

But if you look at the whole apple, all the slices exist at the same time, if not it wouldn´t be an apple. So what does that mean? It means you are an Multidimensional Being incarnating in different worlds and forms, and all those incarnations are happening at once,… NOW!

So there is really no incarnation but a Divine Being, … You! And you are expressing yourself in many forms in many worlds. And all those different forms can be reached through your inner True Self, your Inner Guidance, your Soul.

So you may ask: “Why am I not aware of this? Why am I not aware of all those life times?“ Well, for a very good reason: not to get distracted until you learn to handle it.

So when you are born, you origin in the seed in the centre of the apple, your consciousness sends out a part of yourself to travel along this one apple slice or ring of life. You travel away from the centre, along the apple skin and you start to forget. And this is very important, so that this part of your consciousness that has been send out can focus on this experience of life fully. And once you finish this circle you come back to the divine seed and you remember everything.

When you go through the shamanic training, you learn to remember, you learn to become aware of your seed and through your awareness of your seed you learn to access it. Your consciousness is always connected to the seed through the ring of light it travels and by accessing your seed you can remember other incarnations. Those rings of life that came „before“ and those that come „after“ this incarnation. You can connect with that part of yourself that you are becoming, your Future Self.

When a consciousness becomes aware of its seed it starts to awaken. Some call it enlightenment or eating the apple from the tree of knowledge. Well Eve was a very smart woman!

So now I want you to take this slice of your apple that represents your present incarnation and I want you to take a bite out of it. Can you taste it? Can you taste how delicious your life is? So many flavors, some sad, some happy some unknown, some indescribable…

But be careful you have just taken a bite from the apple of the tree of knowledge!
You might awaken from the paradise of ignorance and realize your divinity.

This is what we learn to do in the shamanic training. We take out our apple slice of this incarnation and taste it, feel it, and start to understand and heal it. And by doing that we become aware of our divine seed and we learn to journey to all those other incarnations of ourselves, all those other apple slices in order to heal and grow. We become aware of who we truly are and we learn to live life in a different way. We learn not only to navigate our own divine apple, but the apple of others. We learn to travel along their life circles to assist them on their path of healing and knowledge.

When in one life circle we manage to become truly aware of our divine seed we are able to step out of the so called wheel of incarnation, as they put it in eastern wisdom. But becoming truly aware doesn´t mean knowing about it with our mind, it doesn´t mean understanding it with our brain, but truly experiencing it deep within. This is what we achieve with becoming shamans.

Let me give you another symbols for the divine apple. In many ancient traditions they call it the tree of life. For example the tree of life in the Kaballah or Igdrasil the celtic tree of life that enables one to travel between the worlds. The same is true in shamanic journeying where  often the symbol of the tree is used to travel between the worlds. Well this tree is nothing else then the divine apple I described. It is truly you, …your Divine Self.

So lets say the middle of the apple, where the divine seed is, becomes the trunk of a tree. Imagine this strong tree trunk. In this trunk of the tree all your circles of incarnation come together. Now follow up one of these golden life circles up the trunk until it turns into a big branch that follows all the way up and then turns down again, towards the earth. But it doesn´t stop there. The branch enters the earth and reaches deep into the ground until it becomes a root and the root circles back up into the tree trunk. There you got your own personal tree of life.

When you are trained to become a shaman, you learn to understand those symbols and access their deeper meaning. You learn to use them in a sacred way to bring healing and knowledge to the world and most of all to yourselves first.

So are you ready to eat from the tree of divine knowledge?

I invite you to remember this in the future, whenever you pick up an apple to eat. Remember your own divine apple, remember all your potential, all your possibilities, remember your Divine Seed and start tasting what life is truly about.