Shamanic Healing Work

Every person is very unique, therefore the work of a shaman is very complex and adjusted to each individual path of healing.

  • Do you want to create the life that you dream of?
  • Do you want to heal family patterns that hold you back?
  • Do you want to have a fulfilling relationship?
  • Do you want to life in a healthy body?
  • Do you want to have an easy pregnancy and birth?

take my hand… and let me show you a world that is waiting for you!

Below are listed a couple of healing techniques to help you to understand the way a shaman works.


During the Illumination the energy centers or chakras of the energetic body are being cleansed of heavy energies and later filled up with divine light. Furthermore the outer field is being cleansed and possible energetic blocks are being removed to help to harmonize the flow of energie in the body. Heavy energies often develop out of unresolved issues and emotions.


During an extraction foreign and selfcreated negative energies are removed from the energetic field. Those negative energies disturb the flow of the positive life force in the body and can lead to unhealthy life patterns or health issues. During an extraction those negative patterns are removed from the body to bring it back into harmony. Foreign energies can include occupations.


When someone expieriences a traumatic event in his life, it can lead to a loss of a soulpart. That means a part of the soul can´t process what happened and gets attached to the situation therfore it stays there and „get´s lost“. During the soul-retrieval the shaman journeys back in time for the client in search of that lost soulpart. He travels back to this monent it happened and helps the soul to process and heal so that it can let go. The shaman retrieves that soulpart and helps the client to reintegrate it.

Pregnancy and Birthing

When the energiefields of mother and child differ in their frequency, it can lead to difficulties during pregnancy or birth. The shaman harmonizes the two fields which helps to prevent pregnancy discomfort and prepares the child for birth. Furthermore the shaman assists the chakras of mother and child to form healthy connections, so that they a can develop a feeling of loving trust and belonging.


The future is not destined as many believe, but it is a variety of different possibilities. Which possibility is comming true depends on the decisions we make and the believs we carry. The shaman helps the client to become aware of the obstacles that lay ahead when it comes to manifesting a certain wish or future project. The obstacles stand for life lessons that nee to be learned. The shaman helps the client to understand those life lessons, and step by step to remove them, so that their dreams can manifest.

Healing Session

A healing session normally takes 1 hour and costs $ 200.

I do long-distance healing sessions via phone or skype. Any session must be paid in advance via Paypal. Before you make the payment please contact me to arrange a time and date.

So if you have any questions or would like to arrange a healing session please feel free to contact me.